Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Internet Driver's License?

Just found out that someone is allowing people to "apply" for Internet Driver's Licenses. The 'sponsors' claim that they will send you a diploma "suitable for framing" and it can be used as "references in job applications".

What a hoot. I can't believe it. Will people actually fall for it?

First you have to fill out a "preliminary questionnaire", which you send in to receive the full exam, of which you have 72 hours to complete. Once you complete the exam 'correctly', you are issued your Internet Driver's License.

Here is the complete questionnaire, go check it out.

What a marketer's dream. Everything about the submitters computer systems and an e-mail address to go with it so your mailbox can be stuffed even more with spam than it already is.

That and you get a USELESS piece of paper issued by such professional sounding organizations like "Radsoft" (ok, that isn't so bad sounding), "Bloatbusters", and "HackBusters". Oh yeah, I'd accept those references from people applying to my business. NOT.

If someone has told you about it, do them a favor and tell them to forget about it. Unless that is their penis is too small, they need viagara or cheap prescription drugs, or want to know about the latest hottest MILF they can contact on some dating board, in that case, go for it.