Wednesday, September 01, 2004

An Operation Was Attempted On Somthing That Is Not A Socket

Jack's back. Sorry for the long absence, but CTCon (see previous posts) and work have intruded.

Work, however, is the reason for this post. As usual, there's some nasty spyware and viruses going around out there that really breaks TCP/IP networking. You'll find that when you try to renew your IP address after removing this stuff that you get the error that is the title of this post.

There's a couple of ways to fix it. You can just Google the error. You must enclose it in quotes. There's a lot of good information in the first few links, such as this one from the JSI FAQ (A GREAT resource).

However, for some reason, even though I Googled on this error several times, it took a while before a new result popped up, and it was the number 1 result. LSP-Fix is a great little easy to use program that fixes the Windows XP TCP/IP subsystem that gets broken by malware and removing malware.

Just wanted to give props to it, I used it to fix a system that didn't work after following the JSI instructions (which are from a Microsoft Support Article).