Saturday, June 05, 2004

God Bless Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan has passed away today at the age of 93. As President Bush said, there is a Shining City waiting for him.

What's really sad is I find myself thinking that there are many liberals who will voice their sadness in public, but in private or their thoughts will be glad he's gone, unless that is they think this is bad timing for the Democrats/Kerry because it will create a wave of sympathy for the Republicans, they same way Tony Coelho complained about in 1994 when he announced he had Alzheimer's and the GOP won the House and Senate.

From The Flummery Digest:

"Democratic strategist Tony Coelho explains the 1994 election results in the New Republic, January 2, 1995:

I haven't seen this written anywhere.... I think the Reagan announcement on Friday (that he has Alzheimer's) is basically what did it. We were scoring on Reaganomics. But we were being very careful not to attack Reagan the man. Our polling showed the numbers were moving with us. But when he announced he had Alzheimer's... it was all over the evening news. And the country reacted. All of a sudden, sympathy set in for the guy. I think it really stopped us. I don't know what else could have happened."

I hope I'm wrong.