Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Buying a new Notebook Computer?

In my last post, I spoke about the Netlux-755 notebook (laptop) computer I own. It's original maker is a company called Uniwill. I also own a Netlux 7351 notebook as well, which one of my employees owns. That notebook is made by a company called Mitac, another Original Design Manufacturer (ODM). ODMs produce almost all of the notebooks in the industry, whether for Sony, Dell, or any of the other Tier I Vendors. You can read more about it at this notebook seller's website.

Looks like I found a new place to buy my next one. I think it will be the Sager NP5690 or whatever is the newest version of it. Quite a bit cheaper than an equivalent system from Alienware. I like the 15" normal screens over the 17" 'wide screen' versions, because I like the taller resolution.

You'll save a lot of money buying these 'generic' versions of the notebooks, unless of course you need the hand-holding type support you'd get from the larger companies.