Sunday, January 05, 2003

Virtual Fighting Spills Over Into Reality

On the 18th of this month, I plan on partaking in a little LAN gaming at a friends house. What's LAN gaming? It's where a bunch of people meet at a predetermined location and either bring their computers along, or use ones that are already there in order to play various networkable mutliplayer games. Quake3, Unreal Tournament 2003, Battlefield 1942, Nascar Racing 2002, etc.

I hope to convince everyone to play some Battlefield 1942, which I have become somewhat fond of, as its a little more than mindless shooting. Along with being various types of soldiers (Assault, Scout, Medic, Engineer) you can jump in a plane, tank, jeep, halftrack, or naval vessels and do something a little different. There are also objectives, and you want to work with your team to reach your mission goals.

James over at Hell in a Handbasket has attended a few LAN parties with me. Most of the attendies are a little older than I would guess the people at this Los Angeles Internet Cafe. It seems that some Asian gangs decided to take their turf war virtual. Seems a lot more sensible than continuing to shoot each other up with real weapons. At least doing things this way usually keeps the Police from getting involved.

Not this time.

After 'finishing', the gangs decided to start beating each other with chairs and other objects in the cafe. it then spilled over into a shooting in front of one of the participants home. Knowing James' penchant for guns maybe I ought to be packing on the 18th if he's showing up, just in case.


Seriously, once again the place where the violence took place is being blamed for the problem. It doesn't matter whether they chose LAN Gaming, Basketball, Football, or Tiddly-winks, these guys were going to get into it no matter the venue. Its like the tired old argument that banning guns will somehow stop people from killing one another - but I can't say I'm surprised.

Egg Shen: Can see things no one else can see. Do things no one else can do.
Jack Burton: Real things?
Egg Shen: As real as Lo Pan!
Jack Burton: Hey, what more can a guy ask for?
Egg Shen: Oh, a six-demon bag!
Jack Burton: Terrific, a six-demon bag. Sensational. What's in it, Egg?
Egg Shen: Wind, fire, all that kind of thing!