Tuesday, January 21, 2003

It's Battlefield 1942 Day

I am just about recovered from the LAN gaming party I attended with James over at Hell In A Handbasket. Took us two hours to get started, I swear I only get invited to these things for my Network Engineering skills. (I think I said that before). We played from 6:00PM to 3:00AM - and by the end of the evening, James did pretty well. He certainly was nice Sniper-fodder for me on the Omaha Beach level of Battlefield 1942. In fact, you can see James in action here. He's the Brit doing the head bobbing.

Actually, I have photos of the whole debacle (hold your mouse over the pic for the caption):

James (AKA 'Meat Puppet') and Company on the Wall

Jack's Setup - Server and Workstation

Some people were bad and had to play in the back room.

Takin' a break...

The main Snotzi's machine...