Saturday, December 14, 2002

Archenemy of ?

Just got back from seeing Star Trek Nemesis on opening night. No spoiler here. Just overall opinion on the movie.

First off, I'm a big Star Trek fan. I hate the word "Trekkie" or "Trekker", so I refuse to use them. Though the freak show was present at the movie theatre. However, that never detracts from my enjoyment of the movies. I usually go into a movie with extremely low expectations, so I am never disappointed.

I made the mistake of going into this one with higher-than-average expectations.

Big mistake.

How would I describe it?

How can a movie have so much action in some spots yet the whole movie seemed to crawl along?

How could they write a plot with holes so large you could drive an AIRCRAFT CARRIER through them?

How could they write a story that steals so many ideas from prior Star Trek movies? Not an original thought in this one at all.

And how could the Technology seem to go BACKWARDS rather than have advanced in this movie?


Wait for the matinee.