Saturday, April 17, 2004

Hello Again

Wow, only April, and this is my first post this year. I do this every so often, write a lot, then disappear for a few months. So where have I been? NMP Consulting, the business I started in 2002 is taking off. We've several employees and independent contractors, and we're keeping real busy. It's why I haven't posted here in a looooong time. Just haven't had the time to sit down and type out an interesting post.

NMP has a newly created IT Forum. Stop by and post your questions and we'll try to help you out. We'll be opening up a IT News site (to go along with the 10 million other ones out there) soon, so look for info here.

Hopefully I'll have time to type out a few words here soon, and hopefully I'll be able to continue to hire people and grow my business, though I don't think they labor department is counting my new employees in the employment numbers. I've noticed that a lot of people I am talking to have dropped out of the corporate rat-race and have started their own business'. Unfortunately, those numbers don't show up in the 'official' government numbers. It would be nice to know just how many people there are just like me, and what the real numbers are.

Oh well....we'll never know.

Catch all of you out there on the Information Superhighway soon, just look in your rearview mirror for the Porkchop Express.