Monday, September 01, 2014

"Forest of the Dead" musings.

It is Labor Day weekend 2014 in which I have decided to continue on my Doctor Who marathon to where I reach "The Stolen Earth". Right now I am on the "Forest of the Dead" two-part series with the 10th Doctor and I am enjoying meeting River Song for the "first" time.

This command line appears on the screen while the Doctor is investigating the computer:


//-rpr 0; with%20link

So, rpr is either a Cisco iOS command (not likely) or more likely a CGI "thingy":

Which makes much more sense considering Doctor Who would absolutely use some sort of CGI softare. %20 is the symbol for a 'space' - which one never uses the actual ' ' in proper programming or command so as to avoid the use of quotation marks (") improperly.

Also, the semi-colon in *nix is a way to execute multiple commands in a certain order.

"The Library" stored people on "the largest hard drive ever". So I am guessing this is the command line to store "people", with a specific link in CGI to the "nothing" (0)?

So what is "kz" and why is it redirected to be stored or send to ndataextract1.

Inquiring minds want to know.

Mind blown.