Saturday, January 08, 2005

Diamond TV

I've always wanted to go to one of the CES shows. This years 2005 show has featured a lot of neat stuff. One thing that interests me is Carbon/Diamond Nanotube TVs. With HDTV being a requirement in the near future, I've been looking at what I wanted in a new Television. Converters aren't going to do the job if you care about the quality of TV you watch - sort of like those old 'color tv' adapters for black and white televisions. (Are you old enough to remember having B&W TVs for the most part? I remember).

This new technology looks promising. I haven't cared for the projection TVs, Plasma TVs supposedly wear out (sure it might be 12-17 years, its just the whole principle and expense), and LCDs are extremely expensive to get 'theatre sizes'.

Looks like I need to save my pennies until 2006-07.