Monday, August 09, 2004

Shallow Jack's X-box Discovery

Shallow Jack here. I've grabbed the keyboard whilest your normal Ferengi-eared author isn't looking.

I was reading Foxnews, and came across the article about the slime of the earth who beat some people to death over clothes and an X-box.

Yes, I'm sure it is on many other news sites, but that wasn't what caught Shallow Jack's attention. You see, what Jack found might even be a little low for him. Besides, it doesn't involved sex and/or naked women, so its not my normal purview.

I was reading the article, and took a screen shot of what I saw. Even though it may be called in bad taste, or really, really bad taste, but I'm going to show you and comment anyway.

I just wonder what would have happened if the dirtbags had instead seen the same ad Shallow Jack did that is in the lower section to the right of the article:

(It's gone, but there was an X-Box Ad on the page)