Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Best Hard Drives

There are many websites out there that evaluate the merits of the different manufacturer's hard drives. One of my recent complaints is that the quality of drives has suffered when the speed and capacity increased.

These drives generate a lot of heat, but I've already talked about that at length.

Now Seagate is upping its drive warranties on certain drives to 5 years.

Great. Glad to see it. It's about time. I've purchased many Maxtor's, Western Digital's, and Seagate drives, and I haven't been happy with their reliability. Many client systems suffer failures just days or weeks after the 1-year warranty expire.

Which brings me to an interesting point in this article:

Disk drive quality is already fairly high. IDC's Reinsel said annual return rates are less than 1 percent for the industry.

Ha! Sure. Reduce the warranty from 3 years to 1 year so you get less returns, and say that the drives are more reliable. What a joke.

Oh well, hope to see the other manufacturers follow suit.