Sunday, May 23, 2004

The Car

Watching a movie on the SciFi Channel, it's another one of my favorite just plain bad old films. Created in 1977, The Car is to me one of those cult classics.

As this reviewer says:

There is good reason why THE CAR is a cult classic. It has a loopy premise that is hard to dislike, a really boss vehicle (if Ultimate Evil came to earth as a car in the seventies, I'd bet good money that it would look like that), and more than enough energy in its attack scenes for the forgiving viewer to admit that this movie is pretty darn fun on its own terms. It certainly is one of my most cherished guilty pleasures from childhood and movie I never grow bored watching. Heck, after writing this, I'd watch it again (and I just did). Enjoy.

I am.

As was said on the imdb site, you can forget just about everything from the movie other than the sound of that horn. I need to get the DVD and capture the sound.