Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Cool Weaponry

I probably should have forwarded this on to Anna for comment, as in my perusing I was directed to an article about microwave weapons the military is developing.

It's really cool. Especially the part about how the directed beam versions have to be "pulsed", unless you want to create a bit of white-hot plasma.

Ahhhh, makes one think of one of my favorite Arnie scenes:

The Terminator: The .45 Long Slide, with laser sighting.
Alamo Guns Clerk: These are brand new; we just got these in. That's a good gun. Just touch the trigger, the beam comes on and you put the red dot where you want the bullet to go. You can't miss. Anything else?
The Terminator: Phased-plasma rifle in the forty watt range.
Alamo Guns Clerk: Hey, just what you see, pal.

Sounds like Plasma-rifles are just around the corner.